• Our office

    Welcome to our office and this is a virtual tour of our workspace. Our office is located in the heart of China’s biggest city and a global financial hub, Shanghai.


    BuzzKID’s vision is to build the largest online language school led by a kid instead of a teacher.


    The pedagogy we use is Peer Learning and its application in language learning has been awarded the Golden Medal of Concours Lepine International Paris 2018.

    Our life

    This is a small showcase into our life. This is where visitors, start-ups and universities from all around the globe come and gather for industry summits or academic studies.


    Here are some fun-facts: we save wandering cats and yes, that is a white fox in the office, it is someone’s pet!


    Our Investor

    The coworking space is the “Google for local startups” where both the founder and CEO of Google, Larry Page and Sundar Pichai visited here when they were in China.


    One of our angel investors is the world’s top VC, SOSV. Here is their incubator in China, Chinaccelerator (CA). SOSV and CA have invested in star companies such as Khan Academy, CoderDojo and Snapask.


  • Leadership

    Other members of the leadership team come from Alibaba Group Holding Ltd., China's largest e-commerce company, and Pearson - the world's leading learning company.

  • Strategic advisers

    Rasmus Rasmusson

    Rasmus Rasmusson advises BuzzKID in Product Strategy & Development. He has 20 years experience of developing Internet based business solutions. Rasmus was the Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Education First China. Rasmus has a bachelor's degree in International Relations from Stockholm University in Sweden.


    Tim Doner

    Tim Doner advises BuzzKID in user experience. Tim has been featured in media outlets like The Economist and The New York Times for being "the world's youngest hyperpolyglot". Tim has a bachelor's degree from Harvard University.


    Other advisors are professors from Harvard Graduate School of Education, Fudan University, and University of Chicago; superintendents from some of the finest schools in North America and Australia.

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