• Why tutor with BuzzKID?

  • Earn up to USD 700/month with BuzzKID.

    This means...

  • Flexibility is our middle name

    We get it, Middle and High schoolers like yourself are always busy with school and other activities. With BuzzKID, you get autonomy over your schedule and you get to conduct sessions the way you want to!

  • Be part of a community

    This is so much more than just another teen job.


    Here at BuzzKID, teens can be entrepreneurs too! We connect you with like-minded youth around the globe. We listen to you and implement your ideas into our platform.

  • Excellent support

    Our staff are dedicated to serve you, from registration to sessions. We also provide nifty tips to help you improve! Simply drop us a text anytime and we’ll reply you ASAP.

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