• Mission

    BuzzKID connects youth, bridges languages, and makes change. By joining us, not only can you get a chance to advocate your language and culture to teens from other cultures, you can also learn how they live their lives from another side of the world.

  • How you will grow

    With increasing amount of time spent on our platform, BuzzKID tutors at different levels will obtain varieties of knowledge and skills. We guide our tutors to become savvy cross-cultural communicators and future leaders.

    BuzzKID or its affiliated education organizations will also provide achievement records, including: Session e-log, 360 Feedback, Certificate of Achievement to our student tutors.

  • Examples of tutors

    Language pals come from middle and high schools around the world

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  • What you will do

    Discuss about your daily life. There is a wide range of topics that are relevant to youth around the world.

  • How to join us

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